The Evolution of Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is a vast subject and covers many different genres, such as urban and pop art. This blog will inform readers of what to look for when studying the evolution of contemporary art. Discover which artists came to prominence regarding post-war pop art and take a look at their best works. Contemporary art can be said to have begun in the mid-50s, both in Great Britain and the United States. The articles on this blog will explore its use on flags, badges, and comic strips and how it had its roots in the Beat Generation.

Using Contemporary Art for Badges

3 May 2021

A way of using contemporary art is to make badges that merit good behaviour. An apparent example is the set of badges credited to scouts when learning skills and participating in activities. Because of these badges, scouts learn to persevere and find the motivation to earn them.

Why Understanding Contemporary Art Isn't Always Easy

10 Apr 2021

Contemporary art can be challenging to understand. Some people even think it's a sham. However, it's not. If you take the time to interpret and add meaning to a piece of artwork, you'll have a broader understanding and appreciate the beauty in front of you.