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Neon installation by Lauren Baker
Rich Simmons
Dan Kitchener
Irony & Bow
Mr Cenz
Marc Craig
Lilly Lou
Surrey Street Book Exchange by Run
Surrey Street Book Exchange by Run
David Hollier

The Arts Quarter – Ongoing Community Engagement

The Arts Quarter is an ever-expanding community focussed project that culturally enriches and brightens up central Croydon. We ensure that permission is granted by landowners for artists and organisers to utilise public spaces to share their work with the community. These works are changed regularly every few months to keep the area vibrant and interesting. We are open to all kinds of art forms and ideas, from murals to sculptures and installations, so please get in touch through the submissions form if you would like to get involved.

Arts Quarter Rules

The Arts Quarter is a unique and fun place for creative expression which has taken us a long time to make a reality and we are privileged to have. This unique place is only made possible with the kind support of our landowners, local business community and local authority. To help keep this area an amazing place for all to enjoy there are a few simple requests that we have in place whenever you come down.
  1. We work a permission slip system for spaces. Only when you have a permission slip and confirmation e-mail from RISEgallery are you allowed to paint a spot. This must be the spot agreed. This must be painted in the time frame you are allocated. Please ensure you have a printed version of this email and permission slip with you to at all times when painting as it must be produced to anyone who requests to see it. Without a permission slip you may be pulled up by the authorises.
  2. Painting is only allowed within daylight hours.
  3. Please take away materials with you from the arts quarter and keep the area tidy for all of us.
  4. Paint on the street floor is a big no no. If you spill paint it must be cleaned straight away and try and avoid drips on the street. If you need a dust sheet just ask.
  5. If there is signage on your spot, please remove it before you paint and ALWAYS replace it when you are finished. You may be fined if signage is lost or damaged.
  6. Please be respectful and courteous to local businesses and other people around you at all times.
  7. Failure to respect the rules set out above may lead to prosecution and could spoil everything for everyone so please help this unique project continue by following these simple rules.
  8. RISEgallery ONLY can allocate this to you and this form alone will grant you permission to paint.
  9. When painting it is assumed that you have your own insurances in place.
  10. The LEGAL WALL (the hoardings) in the Queen’s Gardens is available for all to use without submissions or permission slips. Enjoy!

Submissions Form

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