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About RISEgallery

RISEgallery specialises in contemporary, urban contemporary and post war-pop art. We work closely with emerging and established international artists who display exceptional talent, technical skill and intrinsic creativity.

At RISEgallery, we believe in the life-enhancing value of art and strive to offer the best experience for both our artists and our clients. We are committed to excellence, quality and integrity and work to fulfill all enquiries based on the highest level of personal service.

The brainchild of leading art dealer Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, RISEgallery plays a key role in London’s creative and cultural landscape but it is much more than an art gallery.

RISEgallery is committed to pioneering projects in which art plays a pivotal role in being a catalyst for positive change and benefits the community. We deliver a diverse range of programmes including, public realm art projects such as, the Arts Quarter, site-specific installations and workshops children and adults.


We believe in the life enhancing value of art and that art itself can act as a catalyst for positive change. This can be for an individual, a group of people or a community as art transcends all ages, ethnicities and cultures. With this as a starting point, we have facilitated a unique, ground-breaking Arts Quarter in our local area. This is a long term art intervention that we look after and curate for the benefit of all to enjoy.

Please read our Arts Quarter page for more information.


Two of the key values we hold is ‘more transparency in the art market’ and ‘fairer deal for artists’. For collectors we offer full transparency on any work we’ll sell on a client’s behalf, we always give a sales statement showing our exact commission for any sale collectors know exactly what we make. Also a proportion of our commission from each secondary market sale goes directly back to the artist who first produced a particular art work we have sold. We think it’s unfair how an artist only ever gets paid once for a work they make. If the artist is no longer alive we give that money to any foundation the artist may have left behind. A fairer deal for artists. As far as we know we are the only gallery in the world to practise this code.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy

Philanthropy is an essential element of RISE galleries culture and the organisation supports a number of charities and is always looking for new projects to be directly involved in.


ArtHalo is a not for profit organisation who acts a voice for societies most vulnerable groups who wish to interact with visual arts.

Croydon School of Art

Established in 1868, Croydon School of Art was one of the top art schools in the country attracting some of the best talent in the art, design and fashion industries. Croydon School of Art’s reputation for dynamic creativity and innovation helped to produce a wealth of industry recognised professionals. Famous alumni such as Malcolm McLaren and Jamie Reid are examples of the talent that have gone onto help visually define contemporary culture in the latter part of the 20th Century. Croydon School of Art’s alumni come from a range of creative disciplines and include Helen Chadwick and Sean Scully who have both been Turner Prize nominees; Ian MacNeil, the award-winning scenic designer; and Noel Fielding co-writer and TV star of The Mighty Boosh.

We wish to continue with our long term pledge of Support to the Croydon School of Art.

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