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Lee Hadwin

World renowned Birtish artist Lee Hadwin, who is known globally as the “Sleep Artist” due to his unique ability to draw and paint in his sleep, is launching his first UK solo show.Lee Hadwin, who had no training and no inclination in his waking life to be an artist, has discovered his works have attracted more and more interest from galleries and collectors globally.Lee is finally becoming an artist in his own right. With TV offers, a strong following from the art world and the general public he is finally finding a global demand for his work and life story.


In many artistic works inspired by the Greek Mythology, Hypnos was represented as a gentle young man, the god of sleep, whose father was the deity of darkness Erebus and mother Nys, the deity of night. Hypnos was father himself to another powerful deity Morpheus, deity of dreams so it’s not hard to understand why he commanded such great power over the mortals and immortals alike. As we draw to present day we are still perhaps no closer to understanding these fundamental elements of our lives. Be drawn into this deep unknown world by Lee Hadwin’s work at his debut solo show HYPNOS. 

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