Adam Halliday

Born in South London and graduating from The Croydon School of Art, Adam Halliday’s work draws inspiration from the artist’s everyday experiences of contemporary society and urban landscapes. His creative practice revolves around a variety of themes, fused together by the inescapable injections of popular culture and the artist’s analytical and sagacious eye. The artist’s style is influenced by constructivist design, retro comic books, psychedelia, and M. C. Escher alongside graffiti and street art. His aim, to make a connection with the viewer over shared experiences, realised through the vision of the artist. Practicing mainly with drawing and printmaking, his current work revolves around the at times harsh, functionalist architecture of the borough of Croydon. Growing up around Croydon and having a strong affinity with the area, Adam aims to celebrate the unconventional beauty in its brutalism and highlight the grandeur of Croydon’s skyline through his vibrant compositions and distinctive style.

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