Andy Warhol / Sunday B. Morning

Sunday B. Morning is a group of Belgian artists whit who Andy Warhol collaborated in 1970s, after have published the Marilyn, Campbell’s Soup Cans and Flowers series. The concept of the collaboration was based on playing with the “mass-production” phenomenon that marked the American popular culture of that time. With this idea in mind, they worked together on the makings of another series of Warhol’s latest prints, using the original photo negatives, colour codes and methods that he used for his original Factory Editions.

While the origin of the group’s name and the artists themselves are still unknown, since the 1990’s these prints are still being reproduced in the same Belgian shop and with the same tools, although after the start of the project itself, Warhol had a change of mind about it. Each print is signed with the infamous “Fill in your own signature” rubber stamp, along with the “published by Sunday B. Morning” one. Sunday B. Morning’s prints are now considered the original reproductions of Warhol’s artworks.

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