Bula Chakravarty-Agbo

Working as a curator, teacher and mentor within the visual arts; Agbo’s artistic practice is informed and inspired by human interactions between itself and the surrounding world of myths, legends, heroes and stories that have been echoed globally. The spirit traverses many worlds; where the archetypal figure seeks a dialogue within the public and a personal mythology. The artists and thinkers that have inspired and provoked her sense of beauty and thinking are Frida Kahlo, Michelangelo, William Blake, Marc Chagall, Somnath Hore, K G Subramanyan, Clarissa Estes Pinkola, Joseph Campbell and Jung, amonst others. As a child, the lush, green and fertile lands and the ancient rock temples of Assam fed a sense of spirituality and mysticism that excited and intrigued her young mind.The artist is still exploring the interconnectedness of human souls, learning to seek out the dots between the seen and the unseen: the matrix.

Physical matter alone does not exist, everything is the field. Tat tvam asi, ‘thou art that’.

Agbo works intuitively guided by internal necessity.

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