Carlos Sebastiá

Having in mind Nietzsche’s idea of “the eternal return”, Carlos’ artistic interest revolves around the understanding of impermanence and the desire to perpetuate existence. Assuming the continuous flow of change, his work speculates on the role of the forgetting in this process and how we face the fear of emotional emptiness.

Sebastiá is a multidisciplinary artist, whose works have a strong pictorial influence. He experiments constantly with a broad variety of materials, techniques and processes in apparent chaos. In his work the artist is interested in investigating and showing the process of the creative steps of his work. He does this by providing transparency to the added layers, which acts as traces of human existence.

In his last Project the work investigates the perception modulation of our recollections. Metaphorizing those souvenirs into very common and ephemeral objects, which are in a continuous perspective transformation. Therefore our perception of them creates new mental spaces.

Sebastiá’s practice has been influenced by artists such as Gerhard Richter whom he uses as a model to question the photographic image as a clue to our recollections and Robert Rauschenberg and his ready-mades and the way he is able to integrate different languages. On the other hand, Henri Bergson is the initial departure for his research about the human location and shape of our thoughts which was continued by Gilles Deleuze and more recently Marc Augé and Paul Ricoeur in their investigations about the forgetting.

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