Dan Cimmermann

Artist Dan Cimmermann’s paintings involve imagery that seeks to capture and possess power and potency. Dan Cimmermann’s technique involves taking an image and manipulating, disguising, defacing and disfiguring the image to explore new meaning. Within his working practice Dan Cimmermann also explores scale, surface and texture in order to render the original image almost unidentifiable or take the image out of its original context to create ambiguity.

Dan Cimmermann is particularly interested in the way the face can be manipulated, disfigured and decorated to be representational of a community, a collective, group or gang. Masks and face painting play a major role in influencing the way Cimmermann looks at a face and paints it on canvas. Dan Cimmermann mainly works with figurative photographs but also uses drawings, found objects or paintings as stimulus for his work. He uses these images together to construct a composition that may or may not include a narrative; it is the act of defacing the images that is of paramount importance.

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