David Stein

David Stein is an emerging British artist, producing vibrant abstract work in both physical and digital media.

His near-obsessive attention to technical detail and accuracy results in ‘hard-edge’ geometric paintings that are bold and visually compelling.

An accomplished figurative artist, his work has evolved towards pure abstraction, exploring the balance and tension between complementary and contrasting form and space.

His influences include 20th century Constructivism and Minimalism – fused to create a unique contemporary style that clearly benefits from fully embracing modern technology.

According to Stein, “Much modern abstract art is essentially random and chaotic in nature. But to achieve the results I’m looking for, I need to plan carefully and execute meticulously.”

Each piece is designed on a Mac, to create the colour palette and experiment with different geometries. “It then comes down to technical painting skills to produce the final work. The exact colour balance and precision of every line, curve and angle are vital”.

“Creating these paintings gives me immense pleasure. Each one has a special meaning and I sincerely hope they speak to others the way they speak to me.”

David Stein has an MA in Geography from Cambridge University. He lives and works in South West Hertfordshire.

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