Gerhard Richter

Gerard Richter is arguably one of the most important artists of the 20th and 21st Century, best known for his prolific and diverse body of paintings. Richter began working on photorealistic paintings in monochrome mainly depicting found images from newspapers, books and private snapshots. Central to Richter’s style was his signature blur reminiscent of the photographic technique. According to the artist the blur was crucial to make the “representation credible”, so that his work did not appear artistic or stylized. Later Richter delved into a number of printing techniques, later returning to paintings created from his own photos. From 1966 he began painting colour charts, representing colours as found objects, as well as practicing drawing and sculpture. While many criticised Richter for a lack of continuity in his work, it was this inconsistency that allowed the artist to freely explore his craft.

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