Hayden Kays

Hayden Kays is a contemporary artist who is constantly contributing to the new wave of British artists, working with various media, such as sculpture, printmaking and painting. Born and raised in London, Kays is still based in the English capital, working on his provocative artworks, which are strongly influenced by Pop Art, the Young British Artists and Street Art.

Turning the gallery space into his own battlefield, Kays’s main ambition is provoking and making viewers think on the society in which we live, using his artworks to make witty comments on political and cultural issues and pushing on human sensibility. For this reason and thanks to his sense of humour, Kays has been recognised as a strong influential figure by artists like Banksy, getting important support and the chance to collaborate with the music industry too.

Keeping on experimenting with new creative methods and media, Kays’s art is constantly evolving, offering to viewers a different range of artworks that meanwhile point at the same main ambition: making people reflect on contemporary concerns.

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