Joe Webb

Joe Webb is a British artist, based in Brighton. After having worked several years as a graphic designer, he started to do collages in a traditional and manual way, cutting and pasting images together. Tired of the new technology, such as computers and Photoshop, Webb, with this old fashioned technique, gives to each one of his works a vintage touch, that soon became the distinguishing feature of his style.

“There’s an element of serendipity in finding images that work together that can’t be replicated in the digital world. I wanted to get back to basics so set myself a simple rule of working from just two images, it’s interesting to find what narratives appear when two conflicting ideas are juxtaposed.”
Joe Webb

In a playful way, Webb searches for the materials he uses in his works in charity shops, vintage markets and old magazines, which contribute to the jump in the past he transmits with his art. In this time-travel, Webb’s artworks give to the viewer a controversial feeling of serendipity and anguish at the same time, sometimes representing his cynic view of the current worldwide issues and societies, sometimes picturing surrealistic and silly situations from which he started his creative career.

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