Juliette Clovis

Born in Poitiers in France in 1978, Juliette Clovis is a French plastic artist.

Juliette Clovis starts drawing and painting very early in her childhood. Her parents who where art lovers and collectors, transmitted to her their love for museums and art exhibitions. After earning a first degree in Law and studying at L’Ecole du Louvre and L’Ecole des Gobelins, she worked for five years as a communication officer but decided to leave her job in 2004 to dedicate herself completely to art. Having lived in Paris for twelve years, Juliette currently lives in Bordeaux, a city in the South-West of France. She participates to several exhibitions and fairs throughout Europe, Asia and New york and she is now represented by about ten french and foreign galleries.

Juliette Clovis focuses on the woman and her image. In her continuous search of aestheticism, she delivers throughout her work her vision of beauty and strangeness, trying to hypnotize the spectator and attract him in her ultra-feminine universe. The artist re-interprets, revises and combines different ethnic codes, historical and religious references, and sometimes imaginary worlds to create her characters, her heroins, whom she wants strong and intriguing, sometimes fragile but always powerful. Bodies in shades of grey with bright red lips emerging from black backgrounds are the main theme of her art.Her women’s eyes, most times of two different colours and always deformed, intrigue and attract. Either queens, madonnas, geisha girls, divinities, warriors or priestess, the women of Juliette Clovis evolve between reality and imagination, between spirituality and provocation, between coolness and sensualism.

Influenced in her earlier works by Pop Art and more recently by contemporary photography, religious iconography and lowbrow art, the artist ha =s finally invented a unique graphic universe. The very colourful and pop pin-ups of her earlier years have given way to much darker, sophisticated, expressive and enigmatic women, having the drawings become more detailed and refined

Juliette’s mediums and techniques are mysterious and appealing to the spectator. Juliette Clovis is a “plastic surgeon”, operating on vinyl and carving into it before she superimposes the layers on Plexiglas. This unique technique she has initiated enables her to process the “skin” of her original material – vinyl – to reach her aim: reinvent beauty, analyze it and play with genes and hormones, androgyny and body changes.

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