Michel François

Michel François (born 1956, Saint-Trond, Belgium) is a Brussels-based conceptual artist working with various media including, sculpture, video, photography, printed matter, painting and installation, to lend deep resonant meaning to seemingly ordinary objects and materials. With his refined and idiosyncratic view of reality, the artist uses antithesis and sets of opposites in order to organize the world into inventories, such as light and dark, convex and concave.

François represented Belgium at the Venice Biennale with Ann Veronica Janssens in 1999 and exhibited work in Documenta 9 in 1992. Recently he has shown his work in museum exhibitions such as, Pieces of Evidence at Ikon Gallery in Birmingham (2013), 45.000 affiches. 1994-2011 at MAC’s, Site du Grand Hornu (2011) and Plans d’evasion at SMAK in Gent (traveling exhibition 2009-10).

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