Nick Walker

Street artist Nick Walker is one of Britain’s graffiti pioneers and has been working out of Bristol for over twenty years. Nick Walker’s work employs a good deal of wry humour, treating iconic figures with a refreshing irreverence such as his two images of the Mona Lisa and his print of the Houses of Parliament. Nick Walker has been influenced by films like Blade Runner and the visions of 2000AD into developing his own dystopian science fiction imagery. Well known works by Nick Walker include Gods We Trust, Vandal, 38 Pigtails, The Morning After (TMA) and Mona Simpson.

In 1992 Nick Walker began to combine stencils with freehand work which allowed him to juxtapose almost photographic imagery with the rawness which evolved from conventional graffiti styles. Stencils introduce an impact element to his work. The appeal of stencils is that they allow him to take an image from anywhere – dissect any part of life – and recreate it on any surface. Nick Walker tries to add an element of humour or irony to some paintings to add a little light relief to the walls.

Nick Walker was originally inspired by seeing NYC graffiti pioneer Dondi and in his early street-spraying days used the tag Ego. His style has attracted widespread attention and he has created spraypaint portraits of Krust, Roni Size and Carl Cox as well as a comic strip for Roni Size’s Dope Dragon label. He has also been involved with the movie industry, painting sets for the director Stanley Kubrick and for Eyes Wide Shut, B-Monkey, Incognito, Hackers andJudge Dredd.

Nick Walker has exhibited internationally including group and solo exhibitions in London, Washington DC, Bristol, Los Angeles, Berlin, Toronto, New York and San Francisco.

Nick Walker’s artworks have featured in The Independent, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Evening Post, Dazed and Confused, Huck Magazine, Watch and the Observer. Walker’s artworks were also featured in the Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling video.

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