Rhys Brown

Rhys Marcus Brown was born in London in 1993 and grew up in Stockwell. He completed a National Diploma in Fine Art BTEC at Lambeth College, Clapham from which he then carried on studying art at the Croydon School of Art to mainly learn a variety of printing techniques from which it shows in his controversial screen printed works. He is heavily inspired by artist such as Andy Warhol, Robert Raushenburg and Ai Weiwei as it shows in his most recent works. His work is produced based on what’s going on in the world at that current moment or what’s on his mind. Andy Warhol’s theories are very much a solid theme that Rhys portrays in his work wether he’s thinking about copyright or controversy. He is always trying to engage people and at the same create an ice breaker to talk about his political views and the revolution.

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