Roy Thomas

Roy Thomas usually works in oil and acrylic in a modern, realistic style, combining street art with classical. His latest work is his first use of printing and came about with the encouragement of RISEgallery, who have been closely involved with the project.

In this era of image bombardment he tries to entice the viewer with bold use of colour and then, hopefully, they look more closely. His work has a feel of that of a younger person but Roy is 66 and has been a practising artist for over forty years. Largely self-taught, he has absorbed ideas from wherever he wanted. As well as painting he also makes collages and this has influenced the way he constructs his images.

A lover of Pop art, from Peter Blake to Andy Warhol, he is also influenced by the likes of Vermeer and Caravaggio. He learned his trade by copying old masters so it’s no surprise to see historical influences on modern images.

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