Arthur’s Dream: Satya Yuga


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Dimensions: 46 x 51.5 x 90cm

Year: 2016

Medium: Mixed medium: old oak, Ash planted by Capability Brown, horse hair, canvas, acrylic, pen & ink and varnish

Edition: Unique

A chair discarded on the pavement called out to me, and I knew instantly that there was a story waiting to be heard. This is Arthur’s dream, and it lives on in search of the truth…

Arthur sat in an old arm chair in front of an open fire looking deep within; he dreamt of a peaceful world where the madness of war, hatred, jealousy and greed would come to an end, and mankind is no longer destroying itself, or children dying before their parents. He remembered his friend, Mukherjee saying, “This is, Kali Yuga the Age of Vice, but it won’t be like this forever Arthur, Satya Yuga/Golden Age, the ‘Age of Truth’ is around the corner.”

Through symbology, this piece explores the shift in our reality and the transition into Satya Yuga, a higher state of awareness. As we come to the end of Kali Yuga, the darkness surrenders to the light; a cyclical process which facilitates life, death and rebirth.

This is represented by the image of Varahar, one of Lord Vishnu’s ten reincarnations. He rescued Bhudevi, the mother goddess when she was abducted into the depths of the Cosmic Ocean by the demon, Hiranyaksha, leaving the earth in total darkness. This is similar to the Greek mythology when Hades abducts Persephone into the underworld. Varahar rescues Bhudevi, thereby ensuring light and life back on earth. As the universal energy is absolute, even the Gods respond to its forces.

Arthur smiles as he looks down upon a peaceful world… the Golden Age. Finally the Goddess Dharma who symbolizes morality stands on all four legs, and Satya Yuga prevails.