Cubic Geometry FIVE:3



Artist: .

Dimensions: 13x13x13cm

Year: 2018

Edition: edition of 10

The production of David Umemoto’s works follows a process of slow and silent transformation. The creative process seeks to imitate the cycles of nature, which are cycles of erosion and re-creation. Lines shift, change and are in a state of perpetual mutation due to the influence of time and weather. The natural architectures of geological strata and crystals stand as models: They inspire the design of the moulds in which the concrete is cast. The ductile and infinitely adaptive nature of the material enables the production of objects that are both similar and different. The development of the works is thoughtful and iterative yet it makes room for improvisation, adaptation, and spontaneous inspiration. The shapes created by Umemoto line up in sequences of combinatorial variations. Each work offers a different face but these faces all belong to the same lineage. This kinship gives a strong unity to Umemoto’s production and allows for the exploration of the theme of transformation through time and tradition.