Flowers (II.6)

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Dimensions: 58.4 × 58.4cm

Year: 1964

Medium: Offset lithograph

Edition: Edition of 300

Warhol’s Flowers were appropriated from photos taken by Patricia Caulfield, her work first featuring in Modern Photography magazine in 1964. Warhol flattens and crops the flowers, overlaying rich, vivid colours. While flowers are generally thought of as symbolic of delicacy and beauty many have noted something more menacing the Warhol flower portfolio. His assistant noted the connection to the ‘flower power’ movement of the time as they said:

“When Warhol and that whole scene made Flowers, it reflected the urban, dark, death side of that whole (Flower Power) movement. And as decorative art, it’s pretty dense. There is a lot of depth in there.”