Gatecrasher Deluxe Edition

Signed by the artist


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Dimensions: 100 x 69.5cm

Medium: Giclee print with hand-laid gold leaf and deckled edges

Edition: Edition of 5

Gate-crasher came about following a conversation about the blurring of the lines between street art and fine art: street artists are going into the studio and studio artists are taking to the streets. I am a studio artist who has long been a fan of street art and graffiti and I wanted to explore what I could do if I fused the two elements of classical and street. As well as painting I have been making collages for many years and often I use a collage layout in a painting so it was a natural process for me to merge the two together in that way.

The two themes seem at odds with each other: a classical sculpture in grey juxtaposed with multi-coloured graffiti – hence the title: either era could be gate-crashing the other. But in my own mind I don’t see a distinction. I see painting as an ever evolving art. Borrow from wherever you need to, to make the image you want and never let reality get in the way.