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Dimensions: 15 x 20cm

Year: 1998

Medium: Mirror bound book, fake metal credit card, $100 bill and slipcase Signed by Damien Hirst, Howard Marks and Robert Sabbag

Edition: Edition of 100

‘Snowblind’ is a work of non-fiction written about Robert Sabbag’s exploits as cocaine smuggler in the 1970s. Hirst’s redesign sees the book boards made from reinforced mirror, the title page numbered and signed by Howard Marks (also known as Mr. Nice), Damien Hirst and Robert Sabbag, a fake american express card in metal inserted in the book, and special die-cut trench running through the pages that feature Zachary Swan’s most daring import/export manoeuvres. Inside the cut groove is a real, rolled up $100 bill and the last three digits on each not correspond to the edition number of the work.

A must have for all Snowblind lovers.