RISEgallery also works with developers, architects and local authorities in the UK and internationally to produce commissioned site-specific art works from a wide array of visual arts disciplines. If you have a project or site-specific installation requirement we are providers of small and large scale productions, both indoor and outdoor, with a wealth of experience in the commercial and public sector.

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Recent Projects

Brigstock House project

We are incredibly proud of our project on Brigstock Road in . Massive thanks to , , and , & for the video.

Otto Schade - 'Her Hometown'

The latest addition to Croydon’s public art collection is a stunning giant mural by Chilean artist Otto Schade.

With his newest installation taking residence on Katherine Street entitled ‘Her Hometown’, Otto says “I love Croydon and I wanted to paint something personal that people in Croydon can connect with. This is why the reflection in her eye has the Croydon skyline.”

The mural has been commissioned in partnership with Croydon Business Improvement District (BID).

Warhol Croydon 2017
Throughout September 2017, Croydon celebrated Andy Warhol, 30 years after his death with the intention of implementing an institutional programme outside of the usual institutional settings and parameters and creating a more positive perception of Croydon.
Along with the artist Dotmaster, RISEgallery brought together homages to Warhol by twelve high-profile contemporary artists, exhibited and displayed on prominent town centre buildings. These were Ron English, Peter Dunne, Ben Eine, Dan Cimmermann, Simon Freeborough, Nick Walker, Mudwig, Dotmaster, Rich Simmons, Zosen, Chu, Mark Petty.
This month-long festival included  an exhibition of original Andy Warhol artworks hosted at RISEgallery, free guided walking tours, free Warhol film and documentary screenings and talks and lectures by international speakers.
Warhol Croydon was an impactful and visible statement that demonstrates the town’s intention ‘to put culture at the core of Croydon’s mission to create a sense of place and to put the town culturally on the map.’ Croydon Council and Croydon Business Improvement District (Croydon BID) backed this ambitious project as they saw it as an important step in building Croydon’s cultural reputation as well as generating a spike in the local economy in excess by bringing visitors into the town. In fact, a post project review highlighted the following successes:
Overall 15,000 people directly engaged with Warhol Croydon which included;
  • 1,087 people attended the free Warhol Croydon walking tours
  • 90% of survey responders said Warhol Croydon has painted Croydon in a new light for them
  • 77% awarded Warhol Croydon 5 Stars, 21% gave 4 stars
  • £853,895 generated into the local economy: economic impact
  • 99% of visitors would come again to similar events in Croydon
Midle East British Submissions
Beirut/Croydon Cultural Exchange

During July/August of 2017, RISEgallery collaborated with the Lebanese non-profit organisation Ahla Fawda on a cultural exchange between UK and Lebanese artists.

The project involved taking UK street and installations artists to Lebanon to produce stunning artwork individually and collaboratively in various locations in Beirut, as well as live painting and workshops during the cultural festival “Alye-z Let’s Go!” located in the mountains surrounding Beirut.

The aim of the festival was to promote the arts, education and an awareness of environmental issues and it was hugely successful, drawing in crowds of up to 50,000 people.

The cultural exchange was born from a desire to bring amazing art from the UK and around the world to Beirut and to interact with local artists and the community, providing an opportunity for artists from both countries to be inspired, grow and expand their practice.

'Tribal Travelator' by ART + BELIEVE

Art + Believe are a British artist team who paint large-scale bright, colourful, geometric murals to bring forgotten communal spaces to life and have painted in over 16 countries. Their strengths are finding new creative solutions to forgotten architectural spaces and transforming them so that the architecture and design compliment each other to engage with the local community.

Their latest work is a stunning bright and colourful perspective piece located on the stairs leading to our beloved Surrey Street in Croydon.

ART + BELIEVE Mural on Surrey Street

A sister piece to the ‘Tribal Travelator’ on Surrey Street, Croydon.

Soldier Boy In Carbonite by Schoony

Schoony is an established and internationally renowned artist. His work is highly sought after and resides in some of the world’s most important art collections.

The boy solider is cited as his most important work to date and is instantly recognisable to many. In Surrey Street, Croydon we have the only public permenant large scale representation of this work.

The boy solider is an anti-war piece about the horror of children being forced into conflicts worldwide the effects of which resonant in the lives of so many and across generations.

How many more brothers, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and families will have to face such utter tragedy until we realise the best option for us all is peace.

The boy ‘unnamed’ stands firm, grenade in hand, pin untouched, refusing to detonate yet another devastating device of war. ‘Enough is Enough’ he firmly pronounces

All our children, the masters of our world’s future, we can only hope will never follow in the footsteps of those who cause such destruction and create a world of peace which we in our life time have not managed to succeed in.

The future is with them….

lauren baker installation
Lauren Baker Neon installation

Surrey Street Market Installation: ‘A Simple Hello’ by Lauren Baker, February 2017.

This month multidisciplinary artist Lauren Baker and RISEgallery

share a message of positivity and compassion with Croydon’s

community. Lauren’s new neon artwork is sure to brighten up our

hearts as much as the bustling Surrey Street Market below the

bridge walk-way it is installed on.

The neon reads, ‘A Simple Hello Can Lead To A Million Things’

and the artist elaborates, “my neon words are uplifting.

As political, social and economic order become increasingly

volatile, I hope that my positive words will remind people that

magic happens when people connect with one another.”

Lauren Baker is a London based contemporary artist who

exhibits internationally. Her work explores the fragility, yet

intensity of life, with a focus on energy, love and

interconnectedness. Her creations include painted and

embellished human resin skulls and animal skulls as

well as works that involve neon, infinity mirror and moving


In this piece, the artist’s aim is to bring hope on a rainy day. A

simple ‘hello’ acknowledges the existence of another living being.

As Lauren says, “with a positive outlook, we are more likely to

draw in opportunity and harness our limitless potential.”

The installation is a lovely step towards a wider reinvigoration of

Surrey Street Market by Croydon Council in collaboration with

RISEgallery in 2017. It will also encourage us to look up at the

beautiful architecture on Surrey Street that we so often ignore.

It is an honour for RISEgallery to be part of this special time in

Croydon and we hope to encourage new people to come down to

see Lauren’s installation and explore all the other wonderful things

Croydon has to offer.

Surrey Street Book Exchange
Surrey Street Book Exchange by Run

Surrey Street Book Exchange, April 2016. Partnered with Croydon Council. Artwork by Run.

A community library for all. Head down to Surrey Street to admire the amazing art work and to pick up your next read. Just remember to replace it with a book you’ve finished. Please get in touch regarding book donations.



Sam Jacob Studio Surrey Street
Surrey Street Market

Commissioned by Croydon Council, Sam Jacob Studio are working to renovate, renew and develop Surrey Street Market in conjunction with RISEgallery who will be integrating public art pieces into the streetscape during 2017.

Green Dragon House mural
Green Dragon House

RISEgallery also beautifies interior spaces with art work as well as outdoor murals and site-specific installations. Please get in touch for more information regarding interior design.